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My name is Claudia Botterweg. When I’m not playing around with beads or string or wire or anything else that glitters, I’m off playing the double bass in orchestras and orchestra pits around Phoenix, Arizona. I’ve been making jewelry for quite a long time. When I played in the Memphis Symphony there was a clause in our contract that we could not wear flashy jewelry. I started making small but elegant earrings and necklaces for myself that I could wear on stage. Most of the stuff I made was from black beads. I always added a small amount of sparkly stuff to satisfy my tendency toward subversion. People liked my jewelry, and I learned to make shorter earrings for violinist and violists. I often make a set of matching earrings for string quartets.

Glass is my favorite medium

Most of the jewelry I make is made from glass. I’m in love with human invention and ingenuity. Humans make glass out of sand and some heat. While it’s warm, glass can be shaped, blown, polished, poured into molds, and whatever can be imagined to make tiny bits of art. With inclusions and coatings, glass can be made to look like all sorts of other things.

All items are handcrafted

You may be surprised to know that I made all the jewelry and accessories here myself. Where do I find the time, you might ask. Well, we don’t have television service at our house, although we do watch streaming old television shows and movies once in awhile. I often listen to podcasts while playing with beads at my old drafting table, or watch a movie while knitting.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thank you for visiting my web store and I hope you enjoy your time here. Thanks for the opportunity to present my handiwork for you >to purchase. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

White Moonstone & Silver Earrings
Glass Earrings ~ Stacked Donut Beads ~ Olive
Wire Celtic Loop Earrings ~ Teals
Glass Earrings ~ Stacked Cathedral Beads ~ Red
Glass Earrings ~ Color Lined ~ Teal